Al Davies, Santa Rosa

Matthias Dolderer, Tannheim, Germany

Andre Zitzelsberger, Regensburg, Germany

Bruce Lymburn, Piedmont

Ben Huemmer, Regensburg, Germany

Lukas Paravicini, London, UK

Bob Nicolas, Santa Rosa

Ken Nicolas, Santa Rosa

Richard Grad, Los Angeles

Demo Ride with Bob Nicolas

David Weston, UK

I still love it - it is perfect for my needs as my typical flights are in the 300-600 mile range. I love the vertical and short field performance, and it goes fast enough to get us to places in reasonable time but not too fast for me to keep up with, It is so affordable to operate that one doesn't think twice about using it a lot. It is very competent on grass fields, and has the power to get airborne in short distances even with heavy loading. Compared with my Cirrus SR22 Turbo (long since sold) the Eagle feels like a real transport aircraft and it has made my wife very comfortable with its performance margins and its ability to handle most weather systems safely. I have radar, stormscope and downlink - I would certainly recommend weather radar if you have the option.
Since 2016, I have replaced the STEC 55X with the 3100 digital autopilot. That has made the automatic flight control characteristics really sharp - it is a very affordable upgrade and delivers a lot - as Georg has probably told you already.
Real world speed is TAS is 203 knots - it hardly ever varies - at FL190 to 210 where I usually fly. You can get another 8 knots by burning more fuel at lower levels (say F120) where the turbine can make more horses and still remain cool enough - but the fuel burn then goes from 23 gph to closer to 30.gph.