There is almost no airplane-model without accidents or incidents. The list of accidents regarding the Silver Eagle is very short, despite the fact that it is a Turboprop flown mainly by private pilots. If you have a new case, feel free to inform us. We are collecting all the results of the investigation reports.

N6593W    2005

N6593W is an almost unbelievable case. The OwnerPilot departed on a short grass-field and hit a tree after take-off. He lost almost 4 feet of his left wing and a part of his aileron. The incredible thing is, that he continued his flight for another 2 hours and landed without any problem. A true proof of the bullet-proof stability of this plane.

Accident Report N6593W
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N240PW     2013

A very sad accident. The plane was overloaded. The plane was not deiced and the pilot was not able to understand that he flew the plane on the back side of the power curve. If you make so many mistakes, no plane can save you...

N240PW Accident Report
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N45SE       2005

An accident on a short field take-off. The report doesn't provide an answer. The compressor, hot section, gearbox and governor was fine. Nevertheless a witness stated:  "the motor sounded like a boat cavitating". I had this sound once, after refueling in Luang Prabang, Laos. The Fuel was contaminated. We saw it on the run-up. Instead departing immediately, we let the engine run for 5 min. After that, all was fine. I know, that especially on turbines we are not always making a fuel sump check. Be aware that water can cause a significant power loss, especially on departure. If you are departing on a short field, there is no margin left.


N450M              2001

An in-flight turbine failure. I was first very surprised in reading the head-line. How can such a reliable turbine fail? If you read the history of the plane you get the answer. The plane had a substantial accident. It hit a tree and and a gear-up landing. Obviously something went terribly wrong during the engine overhaul. Very sad to see how an improper assembly during the overhaul destroyed the engine.



N50MC           2011

A very sad accident. Especially because children have been involved. Out of my experience the Silver Eagle deals pretty well with turbulences. Dealing with severe turbulences in IMC is always a challenge, for every plane and pilot. It needs your full attention!


Toxicological testing by the FAA Civil Aeronautical Medical Institute detected Nortriptyline in the pilot's liver.The most common side effects include dry mouth, sedation, constipation, increased appetite, blurred vision and tinnitus. Flying with Nortriptyline is a no-go! Never fly when you are under medication!!!!