Good readings about the Cessna P210N Silver Eagle

Griggs Aircraft



A very nice article in the AOPA. You will learn a lot about this plane.





David Weston wrote a very honest testimonial about his experience with his Silver Eagle



Operating Cost Silver Eagle

What does it cost to operate a Silver Eagle? Find here a calculation sheet to evaluate the real costs of a Silver Eagle. It will depend on the flight hours you will fly per year, the financing costs you may have and your evaluation of the amortisation of the plane.

Hour Cost C10T.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Table 12.6 KB

Nice review by AVweb about the Silver Eagle

Building a Silver Eagle

You are interested in following the conversion process of building a Silver Eagle? If you click the following link you can see how it looks-like to build a Silver Eagle

RollsRoyce Turbine Allison 250 BF17/2

The Silver Eagle is a Turboprop with the  RollsRoyce 250 BF17/2. It produces 450 SHP and has been developed for helicopters. Millions of hours haven been flown with this engine. It is highly reliable. Worldwide a lot of MRO (especially helicopter shops) are experienced in the maintenance of this engine. 

The Silver Eagle

See how the "nose" of the Silver Eagle looks like

Starting procedure of the Silver Eagle Turbine

Startup of the Silver Eagle with 5-Blade Prop

Short Field Take-Off

The Silver Eagle is capable to take-off on very short runways. Watch this take-off on a 1.700 ft runway at ISA +5 and full fuel. The plane is off the runway in less then half of the runway.

Take-Off and incredible climb-rate

Watch the incredible climb of a Silver Eagle after Take-Off

Take-Off on a rainy hot day

Here you can see what you can do with a Silver Eagle. The Runway EDQW ist 1.800 ft long, Elevation 1.300 ft

It was a ISA +10 Day and the plane was MTOW

Deicing of the leading edge

See how the boots are working to deice the leading edge.

Short Field Performance

The Silver Eagle is one of the best turbine short field performer. You can almost start and land everywhere. Watch this and enjoy.


1.180 ft grass-strip at 3.000 ft Elevation

2.500 ft/min. Climb don't believe? Have a look!

There is nothing better than a video testimonial. Others are writing nice numbers...the Silver Eagle is delivering. Look at the climb rate...almost a jet!

Upset Recovery Training

The Silver Eagle is very docile regarding unusual attitudes. Here you can see what happens, when you come to a stall. The recovery is straight forward. No spin, if you push immediately the rudder.

A upgraded panel of the Silver Eagle

Over the years many owners did upgrade their panels. There are many STC's available for this plane. Have a look on a modern panel