You are owning a Silver Eagle or are a Silver Eagle Pilot? Then you should become a member. Silver Eagle Owners and Pilots are a rare species. We are encouraging you to join the worlds only Silver Eagle Association and being part of this small and very special community!


What will you get? Owners and Pilot list. You will know where the other "eagles" are and able to connect in touch with Silver Eagle "Pro's". You will be able to ask questions to you colleagues and share issues you would not like to share in the www welcomed in our annual convention


...but most of all...supporting the Silver Eagle with your contribution to develop further STC's. The value of a platform like the Silver Eagle will depend a lot of having vendors creating new avionics for our plane. The stronger our buying for is...the more companies will be ready to take the Silver Eagle on their STC-short-list. The SEOPA will take your wishes and concerns and address it directly to the industry. With 100+ Silver Eagles we can ensure a bright future for this extraordinary platform!


The Membership is free. The members might define in the future together a membership-fee depending on the projects we would like to support.


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