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For all the maintenance-shops: Her you can download the maintenance-checklist for the 50/100/200/300/500/600/1750 h and annual

Maintenance Checklist
form ON007 Maintenance Guide.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.5 MB


Propjet Aviation

Robert Nicolas, founder of Propjet Aviation, based in Santa Rosa (CA), is THE most knowledgeable person regarding the Silver Eagle. He knows almost everything. 


Questions? Call him under his cell phone: (707)-327-8686


If you are interested in buying a Silver Eagle, Propjetaviation is certainly a place where you can find an Eagle that fits your needs. Propjet Aviation is also a Silver Eagle MRO.


Griggs Aircraft

Griggs Aircraft has several of the original O&N employees. They are experienced in maintenance and have also avionic competence.


Comment from Matt Griggs:

"Our staff all worked at O&N for many years. One of our guys started with Myron on day one of business and was key in development of the prototype.  I was there for almost 20 years and was involved in every conversion since 1996.  We are also the paint shop the O&N used for the last 12 years they were in business."


Flugzeugwerft Hangelar

Aircraft Service

Aircraft Service based in Mainz-Finthen (EDFZ) is a German CAMO and has a long history in maintaining Silver Eagles.The owner Stefan Schier can help in any situation if an aircraft is AOG.

Freelance Air

Thomas Ibel is running Freelance Air. He is meanwhile an expert regarding Silver Eagle maintenance. He is also trading Silver Eagles.

Strasbourg Aviation

Strasbourg Aviation is a French CAMO and is servicing Silver Eagles for more than 10 years. They are based in Hagenau (LFSH), close to Strasbourg. They have also a big experience with warbirds. The CEO Georges Kern has a long history in aviation and is able to help in almost all cases.

Air Plus

AirPlus is a competent MRO in Friedrichshafen (EDNY).  They are servicing some of our German Members.


Avionik Straubing

Avionic Straubing based in Straubing (EDMS), is a German leading avionic-shop. If you have a problem with autopilots or you avionics, they will always find a solution.


Gama Aviation

Gama Aviation based in Fairoaks (EGTF), is a UK MRO with experience in maintaining Silver Eagles. They have a broad experience in GA Maintenance and are also able to update avionics.

STC Holders

Flint Aero

If you need Tip-Tanks, then you will have to install the Tip-Tanks from Flint Aero


MT Propeller

Since 2016 there is a 5 Blade Prop available for the Silver Eagle.


MT Propeller based in Germany developed a smooth 5 composite 5-Blade Prop.


MT 5 Blade Prop. STC
E-2907 ICA MTV-5-1-D-C-F-R(A)_CFR210-56
Adobe Acrobat Document 109.2 KB

Micro Aerodynamics

If you want to install Vortex Generators, Micro Aerodynamics will provide you an easy to install Kit


G & D Aero

G & D Aero delivers thermal pane windows inserts. This reduces noise and the icing of the inner side of the windows due to moisture.

Door Seals

Door Seals for the Silver Eagle

Cessna no longer supplies door seal assemblies for the P210N. Here’s some info that may help other searchers.

The original emergency door seal assembly is part number 2117100-26 composed of a 48-inch rubber seal Part Number R581575 and a 3-inch splice Part Number R860076. The seal is available from Cessna parts distributors as bulk material by the foot, under that part number R581575.

The bulk material is used to create a seal that has holes (a series of small perforations) on the cabin-facing side to allow cabin pressure to pressurize the seal in flight. The bulk material does not come pre-perforated and Cessna instruction is “Cut to 98.00 inch length, (3) cutouts and drill (12) 0.125 holes (S23701). Use your old seal as a pattern.”

The 3-inch splice is not available from Cessna (as of this posting). Per Cessna support, the splice is a 3-inch piece of neoprene tube that is .62 OD, wall thickness of .090. The specification for it is ASTM D-1056. It should be glued into the seal to splice it, using RTV sealant.

We were able to source a 50-foot roll of neoprene tube from Ace Hose that appears to fit the bill. We only need 3 inches. Send me an email at my first name if you want a free piece.